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Adobe After Effects Alternatives For low-end PC in 2023

To impress clients and to get more of them, Photographers are enhancing their video editing skills and techniques. Everyone wants to look outstanding in their videos and photos. With the increase in demand, photographers are always looking for something new and extraordinary.

The gap between motion and still photography has significantly decreased, after the popularity of digitization. Although, creativity usually moves seamlessly between these two.

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DSLR and Hybrid cameras have always been popular since the release of the Canon 5D camera. As they offer seamless photography and videography shoots.

There is no doubt, that these cameras are getting more and more popular amongst the youngsters. Mostly, people are recording their daily life videos and posting them on YouTube and other social networks. Doing this gives them popularity and they are creating a big influence on the youth.

To make it more worthless, once they record a video on their camera or smartphone, they need to edit it using video editing software. Usually, these people are using Adobe After Effects software, which is the best video editing software in 2023.

But, if you are looking for the best free alternatives to Adobe After Effects, then this is the right place for you.

In this post, we are going to discuss the different video editing software, that are best to use and affordable for everyone.

Best Free Adobe After Effects Alternatives in 2023:

Best Free Adobe After Effects Alternatives in 2023

Adobe After Effects program is providing amazing tools, that helps a user create a stunning-looking video using a long range of visual effects.

However, you need to pay a price to get your hands on the premium features of this editing software. But, we are creating a post about the best free alternatives to After Effects in 2023. We will add the best editing software which provides the same visual effects and tools for free.

As we are discussing the free alternatives to After Effects, there is no doubt to take our start with Blender the free open-source app. The great thing about this app, you can run it on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Users who love to give extraordinary effects to their video and photography are in love with Blender for many years.

1. Blender

Blender download free latest version

Blender is free to download as it is an open-source program. Not only that, it has almost every premium feature just like any other paid video editing software on the internet. That is why, users are more into this and they choose Blender as their first choice after Adobe After Effects.

Not only that, Blender is a support forum that gives you full community support. So as a beginner, if you face any difficulty while editing your video, you can always ask your query in the support form of Blender. Isn’t it a great support for a beginner video editor? It is.

Premium features like Sculpting, Modelling, Animation, and Drawing are the most loved by users and they are always in demand.

However, if you are YouTuber or you provide services to edit videos as a freelancer. Then, Blender is the best option to go without spending a penny. As this video editing software is offering filmmaking, video game design, and videography features.

You can use the Blender program for compositing, texturing, and UV unwrapping. You can also use this software to undertake the rigging.

Moreover, the quality rendered the video and photography is massively powerful and realistic in Blender. This is helping many videographers to create realistic-looking Video FX. Multiple YouTubers are using this software and making cool-looking videos with the FX technique.

If you are looking to use video edit software for 3D Modelling, then Blender is your go-to choice. We found the biggest difference between After Effects and Blender when we compare these 2 for motion graphics and 3D Modelling. However, to work for projects that required you to create 2D Graphics effects, then you must go with After Effects.

2. WAX

Wax free video editing software download latest version

Looking for free video editing software for Video Compositing and visual effects? Then, we have WAX for you, it’s free, easy to use, and a very light tool. You can use it for your videos, and also for your business.

In general, I like the simple and easy-to-use interface of Wax. It can be a quite helpful tool for a quick touchup and to give your videos 2D and 3D visual effects.

There are 2 modes of Wax video software.

  • First, easy to use and a light application best for non-professionals and beginners in the video editing world.
  • Second, provides a variety of features that can be avail by plug-in to video editing software.

The Presets in Wax application is the first thing to go for. As it provides you same features as AceMovi Editing Software. With the help of Presets, users can not only create unique effects but can always have them in a saved file as Presets to use anytime for their video editing.

Premium Features of WAX Video Editing Software:

However, when we talk about the premium features of Wax, they are popular and the most used feature in any paid video editing tool. But, as Wax is free to use, these features are also free of cost and you can give your video a professional look by using them. Wax has Graphic acceleration, Unlimited Tracks for Audio and video, and this also offers a variety of compositing modes. Also, don’t forget about the plug-ins, which help to have a full function of 3D composition, as well as 3D modeling.

The file formats supported by Wax are, AVI and WAV only. So, keep this in mind, you can only import AVI and WAV files to Wax. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to convert any audio and video file to AVI and WAV format, so that’s not a big deal. As we are using free software, of course, there are going to be limitations.

3. Natron

Natron free video editing software download latest version

Natron is another handy video editing, AE edit app for Windows and Mac operating systems.

This is one more free alternative to After Effects software. Yet, having almost every feature you need to edit an awesome video.

This gives a fantastic feature for real-time compositing. Natron is a node-based software, and it has more than 250 ready-made plugins in the visual effects section. That means you have a long range of choices to give visual effects to your video and photography.

However, this application does not support 3D Effects or 3D Animation creation. But, you can use it for 2D and 2.5D effects. When we talk about the comparison of this app in terms of the user interface and usability, you can compare it with Nuke.

4. HitFilm Express

Hitfilm Express free video editing software download latest version

HitFilm Express is the best tool to use for Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling, and 3D Animation.

This software supports both Windows and Mac OS operations. Not only that, HitFilm Express offers professional VFX tools as free video editing software. This makes it a powerful and neck-to-neck alternative to Adobe After Effects software. As, After Effects have one of the best VFX tools, that makes a video unbelievably realistic.

Fortunately, you can do that same with the free alternative to AE, and that is “HitFilm Express”.

This tool offers a long range of free-to-use tools like, editing films, creating content, basic color correction, or giving the extra mile to a professional-looing FX.

Generally, the creativity of this tool always amazes me. The premium features like, Tracking without limits, 2D and 3D Compositing to a video, and High-Speed FX effects. No doubt, it is one of the best professional video editing software that gives you support for the workflow.

In case, you are a beginner to video editing, then HitFilm Express also has a support forum. That means, if you are facing any difficulty or you are confused about any part of this tool, just come to the forum and ask the experts about it. You surely going to have the best response according to your query and that is going to clear the confusion.

Adobe After Effects Alternatives For low-end PC in 2023
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Adobe After Effects Alternatives For low-end PC in 2023
Adobe After Effects Alternatives for low-end PC in 2023. Best Free After Effects alternatives for Windows and Mac free for motion graphics.

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