Samsung Android 10 FRP Bypass Without PC and SIM Card 2022

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Samsung Android 10 FRP bypass without PC and SIM Card in 2022. This is so far the best method to bypass Google account verification from Samsung Galaxy devices. Remove FRP and Google account from Android 10 or Android Q version.

This method is easy to implent in your Samsung Galaxy device having Android version 10. Moreoever, this guide works perfectly for all Samsung mobile phones and tablets.

Samsung Andriod 10 FRP Bypass Without PC and SIM Card 2022 Step-by-step Guide:

1. Power on your Samsung Android 10 phone.
Connect it to a WiFi network.
Connect it to your PC using a USB data cable.

2. At Verify PIN or Google Account Verification lock. Connect your Phone to a Computer/PC.

3. Open SamFirm A.i.o v1.4.3 into your PC.
Click on the Android Tools tab.

4. Inside “Android Tools” section, click on Bypass FRP tab.
Select the “Bypass FRP (Open YouTube) option from the drop down menu inside SamFirm Tool.
Make sure your Samsung Android 10 device is connected to the computer.
Click on the “Auto Bypass FRP Method No 1”.

5. The Auto Bypass Google verificaton and FRP lock starts to remove FRP lock from your device.

Access to YouTube Application in your FRP locked Samsung Phone:

6. After a minute or two, a notification will appear on your phone’s screen.
Tap on VIEW.
This will open YouTube application into your phone.
Tap on “Account Icon” from top right corner of your screen.
Then go to Settings.

7. Inside Settings, tap on About.
Then open Google Privacy Policy.
This will open Chrome Browser in your phone.
Select the URL bar and type this URL: and press enter.

8. Scroll down and download “Quick Shortcut Maker Apk”.

9. After downloading QuickShortcutMaker, tap on “Click to open Galaxy Apps”.

10. Update the Galaxy Store.
This will take few minutes to download and install the update.

11. Once updated, tap on the search bar and type “Files Shorcut”.
Download the Files Shortcut app.
To dowload it you have to Sign in to your Samsung Account.
You can also create a new account if you don’t have a Samsung Account.

12. After that, Sign in to your Samsung Account by enterting the Two-step verification code.

13. Then download and open Files Shorcut application.
Go to Download folder inside Files Shorcut app.
Then open QuickShortcutMaker app.

14. Tap on Continue.
Install and Open the Quick Shorcut Maker app.

5 More Steps to Bypass Google Account from Samsung Adnroid 10:

15. Select the Search Bar and type: Settings
Tap on the result with “Settings”
After that, select the result with “Settings choose screen lock”.

16. Tap on Try button.
Choose the Pattern option to protect your phone.
Draw any Unlock Pattern and continue.

17. Now push the power button and Restart your Samsung Android 10 device.
After the device reboots, swipe up and draw your unlock pattern.

18. Now just complete the initial setup.
Draw your unlock pattern to unlock your phone.

19. As you can see, now you can SKIP the Google Account Verification scren.
You can also create a new account if you want.

20. Complete the initial setup of your Samsung Android 10 phone.
This time, you will not face FRP lock and Google Account lock during the process.
Finally, All done and you can start using your phone once again without any FRP and Google lock.


I am sure this guide helps you to bypass FRP lock and Google account and hopefully you have sucessfully bypassed your Samsung phone lock using this method. If you need any help regarding this method or unlocking your Samsung device, feel free to contact me or comment down below.

Samsung Android 10 FRP Bypass Without PC and SIM Card 2022
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Samsung Android 10 FRP Bypass Without PC and SIM Card 2022
Samsung Android 10 FRP Bypass Without PC and SIM Card 2022. Unlock Google account and FRP from Samsung galaxy using FRP tool method free.
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