Top 3 Best Hosting Providers in the World — Complete Review

Hosting is the heart of your website, you can not run a successful blog or website without a good hosting service. It’s becoming so easy, as you think about an idea today, and start making money with that idea using a website or a blog the next week. But, without a good hosting service, it’s not more than building a castle in the air.

Honestly, you don’t need to be a tech geek to start your blog or website. All you need is a domain name and a hosting service to start your blog. Furthermore, you can easily set up your hosting without having expertise in the tech industry. Although, multiple hosting service providers are offering their services for free to help you set up everything necessary. They will do all the technical work for you and you can ask them if you get any confusion during the setup.

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What’s more, you can start a brand new website in less than an hour in 2023. It was never so easy to start a blog or website, but with time things are getting more handy.

However, finding the right and trustworthy hosting provider isn’t as easy as it looks. There are hundreds of service providers, hence making it so difficult to choose the right one. Well, to make it easy for you, we are creating a list of top hosting service providers in 2023.

For the last 5 years, we have been using many hosting service providers, and this gave us a really nice experience to indicate which one is the best. Therefore, we are creating a list of these service providers, from 1 to 5.

Top 3 Best Hosting Service Providers in the World

  1. Hostinger Hosting Provider: The number one in the business.
  2. WP Engine Hosting: Overall the best WordPress Hosting
  3. DreamHost Service: The best response time

#1 – Hostinger Hosting Provider — The Best Budget Hosting Provider for Shared Hosting

Hostinger being the number one in the list, provides the best low-cost shared hosting on the internet. Imagine buying a hostinger service for as low as $1.99 a month. That’s only possible with Hostinger.

The best thing about Hostinger, it gives you a full 4-year hosting plan which is equivalent to a 1-year plan cost with other hosting providers. That means, you can get the best hosting for less money. Yet, they don’t compromise on the quality of service they provide to their customers.

Hostinger has the best customer service as well, their support team is available 24/7 and 365 days. Not only that, you don’t even have to pay extra to get the premium support. It comes with every plan you buy on Hostinger. With this premium support, you don’t need to be worried if your company does not have an IT staff to handle the technical problems of your website. This is the best option for start-ups, and for those who don’t have technical IT staff in their company.

For a shared hosting service, this is the best option anyone would go for. As Hostinger not only gives you cheap rates but also expert customer support to help you out with any technical difficulty.

The List of Pros and Cons of Hostinger


  • For just $3.99, you get the unlimited bandwidth support
  • Expert Customer Service Available 24/7, and 365 Days
  • Free Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • Each plan has a free WordPress Acceleration Tool to boost the speed of your website
  • Uptime SLA up to 99.9%, Better than other Hosts


  • Storage is limited for basic plans
  • Cheapest Shared Hosting Plan does not offer you a free Domain Name
  • Dedicated Hosting is not available

Hosting Plans and Pricing:

Hostinger Hosting Provider — The Best Budget Hosting Provider for Shared Hosting

Currently, Hosting is offering the 3 best hosting plans. The cheapest plan will save you 80% of the amount. On the other hand, you can go for the Business Shared Hosting plan which will cost you only $4.99 a month. In this plan, you have the option to go for unlimited bandwidth, daily website backups, and 200GB of storage space. Which is more than enough to run multiple websites at a time, on 1 single hosting. Daily backups are essential to have, they will give you a surety of not losing the data if you get into any trouble with the website.

#2 – WP Engine Hosting Review — The Best WordPress Hosting in 2023

The best thing about WP Engine Hosting, you don’t have to worry about the speed of your website. Don’t need to buy any third-party plugins, like WP-Rocket, Perfmatters, etc. WP Engine gives your website an impressively fast speed.

A perfect combination of a WordPress website and a WP Engine can rank your content pretty well on search engines. On the other hand, their customer service is also outstanding. If you face any issues with your WordPress, feel free to contact customer support 24/7 on WP Engine.

WP Engine hosting is not as cheap as other hosting providers, but their super-consistent uptime and customer service are worth the money. In general, if you are running a WordPress website on your own, then this hosting service is for you. This will maintain all the technical work for you, including maintenance, website security, performance, speed index, and much more.

Pros and Cons of WP Engine Hosting


  • WordPress Updates are Automatic
  • Outstanding WordPress Speed & Performance
  • Technical Support for WordPress Plugins and More
  • Responsive, and Customizable Theme Available


  • A bit pricy in comparison to other hosts
  • No Free Domain for the first purchase
  • Email Service is also not available in the hosting plan

Hosting Plans and Pricing

WP Engine Hosting Review — The Best WordPress Hosting in 2023

The WP Engine offers 3 different hosting plans, according to the services you need. Firstly, we can see the “Managed WordPress” hosting plan, which will cost you $23/month. Secondly, we have “eCommerce Solutions for WooCoomerce”, this is the smart choice for people who are into the WooCommerce business. This hosting plan will cost you $56/month. Finally, we have the “Advanced Solutions” hosting plan, which will cost you a good $600 each month.

#3 – DreamHost Service – The Best Response Time Hosting Plans

DreamHost is providing amazing hosting services since 1996 in the tech world. There are 2 types of shared hosting plans in Dreamhost. With a handful of extremely useful features, both the hosting packages are immensity affordable and under budget.

The first package is the “Shared Starter” hosting plan, this plan gives you 50 GB of storage space for 1 single website. WordPress is already installed and ready to use in this package. Not only that, it comes with 1 free domain, and up to 5 subdomains to give you a kickstart for your startup. The SSL certificate is also free for 1 domain in Sharted Starter hosting plan.

Pros and Cons of DreamHost Hosting Provider


  • 1 Free Domain, with up to 5 subdomains
  • 1 Free SSL Certificate for your domain name
  • WordPress Pre-installed
  • Money-back Guarantee included


  • Customer Support based on the phone only
  • Email Service is not available in the Starter Plan

Hosting Plans and Pricing

DreamHost Service - The Best Response Time Hosting Plans

All the hosting plans are under $4 a month. There are a variety of hosting plans available on DreamHost. Choose what fits best for your business and startups.

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