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iPhone 14 Pro with 120Hz Display and ProMotion Technology

It’s worth checking the new Apple gear with the 120Hz display. The ProMotion is the new technology coming with the latest Apple devices. We can not deny the greatness of the Apple iPhones, iPads, and MacBook’s displays. They have the best displays in this niche, and no one is even close to the beauty and the feel of Apple’s display.

Nonetheless, now Apple is coming with this new technology called “ProMotion”, this is a cherry on the cake. It gives more power and makes the displays more fascinating in terms of recording videos and photography while walking. Mostly, vloggers and videographers are using iPhones these days. I mean, if you are traveling and you want to record a video for your audience on social networks. Then, you would wish to get as perfect a video recording as possible. And that’s where Apple is trying its best to make it much more smoother than ever.

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Apple’s ProMotion Display Tech in a Nutshell:

The ProMotion 120Hz display is Apple’s new market-capturing strategy, and to be honest, they are going on the right track. It’s been many years that we have been using smartphones with 60Hz of displays. Not only with smartphones but with laptops and tablets. But with the increase in demand for 120Hz displays, now companies are looking forward to creating devices with better displays than ever. That’s how Apple came up with this ProMotion technology, with their 120Hz display devices.

Apple's ProMotion Display Tech in a Nutshell

However, Android phones and tablets have already picked this 120Hz refresh rate display. And they are banging the market with this, as most of the youngsters are in the gaming niche. They love to play games, not only on PC but on smartphones as well.

There are plenty of popular games, like Pubg, Call of Duty, and much more. To get more kills and a better ranking, you should have a device with more refresh rate than others. That’s the key to getting more FPS in these games, and that’s how Android smartphones got popular in this category.

But after seeing the success of Android with 120Hz devices, Apple finally start producing iPhones with 120Hz display. They first released the iPhone 13 with more refresh rate than the previous iPhone line-up. After that, Apple is focusing on producing not only iPhones but more of their devices with higher refresh rates.

How does 120Hz display work as compared to a 60Hz display?

How does 120Hz display work as compared to a 60Hz display?

If you are wondering, what’s 120Hz display means? Well, it refreshes the image on your iPhone’s screen 120 times in a second. Don’t worry about the video, the video is a sequence of different images. That means it gives you better FPS (Frame Per Second) than the 60Hz devices. Isn’t it awesome? The next time you play a Modern Welfare, you will get more kills with a 120Hz of refresh rate.

Furthermore, the ProMotion display can automatically adjust the screen according to the content you are watching. For instance, when you open Facebook and scroll to look for different posts, the device will automatically shift the refresh rate to 120Hz. And when you stop scrolling to read a post or to watch a video, it automatically shifts to an 80Hz or 60Hz display. This makes the battery life more efficient.

In a nutshell, it knows where to use the 120Hz, 80Hz, or 60Hz display, it won’t just stick to the 120hz, where there is no need to use it. But, while gaming, you don’t need to worry about the shifting as it will stick to the 120Hz display as this is the place where you need it the most.

iPhone 14 Pro New Always-On Display Feature:

iPhone 14 Pro New Always-On Display Feature

What’s more, the extremely useful feature of the ProMotion display connects with the Always-On Display. Currently, it comes with the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro smartphone, you can turn on the Always-On display and forget about the battery life. When this feature is enabled, it shifts the screen refresh rate to 1Hz. With this feature, the content on the screen will not refresh often, it will only refresh 1 time per second. So, it will keep you updated with the Always-on display, without wasting much of your battery life.

Talking about the battery life, the ProMotion display won’t affect it much more than you notice. With the higher refresh rate of 120Hz per second, you seem to be worrying about the battery life. As a fact, Android devices with higher refresh rates have a bigger battery to support the 120Hz display. It requires a lot of power to refresh your screen 120 times in a second than standard 60Hz devices.

Therefore, it often looks quite fair to have a double-sized battery with 120Hz display phones. And that’s what Android has been doing since the release of 120Hz smartphones. But, what about the iPhone 14 Pro? Is it also coming with a bigger battery size to achieve better results with this display? Well, that’s not the case with iPhone 14 Pro, as it is coming with the ProMotion technology.

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