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Bypass Google account verification from Nokia G20 Android 11 phone in 2022. This guide is solely made for Android 11 users. This will surely help you to remove the Factory reset protection lock from your phone.

Nokia Android 11 phones have a security feature which is known as “Factory Reset Protection” in short FRP lock. This feature activates after someone performs a “Hard Reset” or factory reset to their Nokia phone.

It is important to remember the Google account credentials, the Gmail ID, and Password. But, if you don’t remember the Gmail ID or the password of your Google account. Then follow this guide to bypass the Google account from Nokia G20 FRP-locked phone.

Multiple methods help to deactivate the FRP lock but it varies for different Android versions. This method is best to apply on the devices having the latest Android version 11.

If you want to remove FRP lock from Nokia phones having Android versions 7, 8, 9, and 10. Use the search bar of this website to find the best method for your device.

Make sure to follow each step carefully, this FRP method is not difficult to follow. Even a non-techy person can easily remove Google verification from their Nokia G20 phone using this method. You don’t have to use computer for this method, as this method bypass FRP lock without computer or PC.


  1. SIM Card (with 2 to 4 saved contacts).
  2. Wi-Fi Connection

Nokia G20 Android 11 FRP Bypass Without PC in 2022:

1. Insert a “SIM card” into your phone with 2 to 4 saved contact numbers.

2. Tap on the “Emergency Call” button >> then tap twice on “Emergency Information” and then “Edit” the information.

Nokia G20 Android 11 FRP Bypass Without PC - Remove Google Account Verification

3. Go to “Add Contact” >> then select the “First Phone Number” >> tap on that number again.

Nokia G20 Android 11 FRP Bypass Without PC - Remove Google Account Verification

4. Tap on “Message Icon” that will open “Chat Screen”, then click on the top right corner of your Nokia screen. Select the “Help & Feedback” >> and type “Delete or Disable Apps” in the search bar.

5. Go to the first result >> tap on “Tap to go to Application Settings” >> scroll down and select “Settings”.

6. Open the Settings >> go to “Apps & Notification” >> then click on “See all apps”.

7. Click on “:” top right corner, then select “Show System” and then scroll down and open “Android Setup”.

8. Disable and Force Stop the “Android Setup” and then go back. And again scroll down to find another “Android Setup” and then do the same with it and go back to the “App Info”.

9. Scroll down to find “Google Play Services”, disable and force stop it as well and go back to the “Apps & Notifications” screen ad open “Notifications.

10. Go to “Default apps” >> then open “Home Apps” >> and click to allow the “Quickstep” option. Once you do that, go back to the “Welcome Screen”.

7 More Steps to Bypass Google Account from Nokia G20 Android 11 Phone:

11. Tap on “Let’s Go” >> now the phone will be stuck to the “Getting your phone ready” screen. Go back to the Wi-Fi screen and click on “Set up offline”.

12. Click on “Continue” >> now the phone will be stuck to the “Just a sec” screen. It is because we have disabled the “Google Play Service” from our phone.

  • To solve this, we need to “Enable the Google Play Services” application. Go back to the Welcome Screen again and follow the steps below to enable it.

13. Go to “Emergency” >> click twice on “Emergency Information” >> and then “Edit”.

14. Go to the “Contact” >> open “ChatBox” >> and this time you need to type and send “” as a message.

  • The message will turn into the “URL link to YouTube”. Click on it.

15. Doing so will open YouTube App on your Nokia phone. And to use the application, we need to “Enable Google Play Services”.

  • Click on the “Enable” button, then enable the Google Play Services and go back to the Welcome screen again.

16. Now, tap on “Let’s go” >> then “Set up offline” >> and continue.

17. Now all you need to do is complete the initial setup of your Nokia phone. We have successfully bypassed the Google verification lock from Nokia G20 Android 11.


This guide is very useful to remove FRP lock and bypass Google verification from Nokia Android 11 phones. Hopefully, you find this guide helpful to unlock your device. If you need any help, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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Nokia G20 Android 11 FRP Bypass Without PC - Remove Google Account
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Nokia G20 Android 11 FRP Bypass Without PC - Remove Google Account
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