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ZTE FRP Bypass Tool for PC – ZTE FRP Tool Download [LATEST VERSION]

ZTE FRP bypass tool is a very useful software which helps to deactivate FRP lock from ZTE smartphone, tablet and other android devices.

As the matter of fact, Google has introduced a new security feature the FRP lock aka Factory Reset Protection lock for Android devices.

Which is designed to lock the phone in any unfortunate event. Some of the unfortunate events could be losing of your phone or in case of stealing of your phone by a theft.

Therefore, the FRP lock will be activated in your ZTE android device and this function will protect your data, contacts and other important files by locking it up with the FRP lock.

Until or unless you provide the correct information of Google account which was previously synced with your android device, this lock won’t go easy. Fortunately, we can use ZTE FRP removal tool to remove this lock and to get full access of our smartphone.


ZTE FRP bypass tool for pc is one of the top FRP removal tools in the list. As we already know increasing demands of ZTE phones. Mostly people buy ZTE android phone in second hand condition and this is where they need to understand the importance of Google Account details.

This ZTE FRP removal tool is created by SP Flash Team and they officially launched the latest version of this tool in November 2020.

Before installing this FRP tool into your PC you must download and install latest MTK and VCOM Drivers. To do that, you can use the link below.

Once you download ZTE FRP bypass tool into your pc, extract the tool on your desktop or in any new folder. Then follow the below complete procedure to unlock your ZTE android device.

  • MTK and VCOM Drivers Download
  • ZTE FRP bypass tool Download
  • Stock ROM Firmware Download (compatible to the model number of ZTE smartphone.)
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Important Notice:

Make sure to create a backup of your all important data (pictures, contacts, documents) before using the ZTE FRP bypass tool. Eventually, to remove FRP lock from ZTE phone, we need to flash its Stock ROM (firmware). Therefore, flashing process may remove all data from ZTE phone.


Install MTK USB Drivers into your computer before opening the FRP tool.

1. Download and install MTK USB drivers to your Computer/PC.

2. Go to the folder and right click on MTK USB drivers icon.

3. Click on Run it as Administrator.

4. Install the drivers and must restart your computer.

5. Reboot your pc after installing the drivers (very important step).

ZTE FRP Bypass Tool for PC step-by-step Guide:

ZTE FRP Bypass Tool

1. Download and extract ZTE FRP bypass tool to the desktop.

  • Right click on FRP Tool and run it as Administrator.

2. Once the tool launched on your screen, click on on the Download Tab.

3. Click on choose button next to the “Download-Agent” option.

  • Then, click on the MTK_AllinOne_DA.bin file from “SP Flash Tool” folder and open it into the ZTE FRP removal tool.

5. After uploading the Download Agent, the tool will start gathering all the required data from the agent file.

6. After that, click on Scatter Loading button and select the scatter loading file.

  • Go to the Firmware file or Stock ROM folder.

  • Then, open the Firmware folder.

  • Now, click on the Scatter Loading file and then click on OPEN button to add this file to the Flash Tool.

  • Doing so, the ZTE FRP Tool will start to gather all the required data from the scatter file.


  1. Remove battery if your phone has removal battery otherwise skip this step.
  2. Remove SIM Card and Memory SD card to prevent data loss.
  3. Plug the battery in again into the ZTE phone.
  4. Connect your android phone using a USB data cable to your computer.
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6. Once your device connected successfully, you will see this information box into the ZTE FRP tool.

7. After ZTE phone connected to the computer, press Volume UP or Volume Down key depending on the firmware of your device.

  • Doing so, will start the Flashing process and it will automatically remove FRP lock from ZTE phone.

8. Flashing process will take 5 to 8 minutes and then a Green Check will appear on your screen.

Fortunately, Google account lock is successfully removed from ZTE phone. Disconnect the phone from computer and restart it. Then, complete the initial setup and submit a new Google account into your phone during the initial setup.


ZTE FRP bypass tool for pc is one of the best tool which helps to remove not only FRP lock but also Google account verification from all ZTE phones. As, this ZTE FRP removal tool is free and anyone can easily unlock their device by following this easy to follow guide.

If you still face any difficulties during the process of removing FRP lock from ZTE phone, feel free to ask me your questions in the comment section.

ZTE FRP Bypass Tool for PC - FRP Removal Tool [LATEST VERSION]
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ZTE FRP Bypass Tool for PC - FRP Removal Tool [LATEST VERSION]
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