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Google I/O 2023: Bard AI, Android 14, Google Apps and AI Announcements

Google I/O 2023 makes so many announcements related to their AI technology. After making the announcement related to the new hardware, the center of attention was Google’s AI. They took a long 2-3 hours to give presentations related to the upcoming AI changes to their products and apps.

Most importantly, the use of the Google Search Engine will significantly improve with the integration of AI. AI brings remarkable change to the search engine. Where people can get better results as well as a better way to search for their queries using the Google Search Engine.

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Moreover, with this new AI integration, there will be a whole different user experience. Particularly with Google Maps, Gmail, Google Photos, Slides, Google Docs, and the other online applications and products of Google.

Google also announced the Google Pixel Fold smartphone. Remember, this is the first foldable pixel phone in the Pixel family. They also discuss the release of their new Pixel 7a phone and a new budget smartphone. As well as the Google Pixel Tablet, its expected release date, and its new docking station feature.

Google Bard and AI Announcements:

The announcement of Google Bard AI Chatbot was the cherry on the cake in the Google I/O 2023. They also talked about Google’s new language model the “PaLM 2”. PaLM2 is the base language model that is being used to create the AI chatbot Bard and other AI-based applications.

Furthermore, the latest version of PalM 2 gives Bard AI a new look. For not only creating content related to the given prompts, but it can also writing coding, solving math equations, and much more. Also, there is a unique Bard AI model, that can only be used in medical diagnosis by doctors and scientists. This model is currently set to private and it does not serve publicly.

Google I/O 2023: Bard AI, Android 14, Google Apps and AI Announcements

There total of 4 submodels of the PaLM2 language, which are (Bison, Unicorn, Gecko, and Otter). Each of these models is designed to execute different results in AI technology. Currently, these PaLM2 submodels are powering 25 Google Products around the world. Moreover, the list the 25 Google products includes the most popular giants like, Android, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs, and more workspace applications.

In the Google I/O 2023, they give hints to use these submodels in the future with more Google products. Not only that, they are testing out the new “Help Me Write” AI feature, that will be integrated with Gmail soon. This feature can write a complete email, business email, and much more.

Google Search with AI Integration:

Google Search with AI Integration

In general, Google’s search engine provides the best results according to the queries of a user. But now, Google is giving more power to their Search Engine with the integration of AI technology. The results are beyond imagination, as the searches appear after putting a query in the search engine. With the integration of AI, there will not be only links in the search results, but whole new conversational answers.

Not only that, the user will be able to ask further questions and get instant answers on the search results page. That is going to make a significant change in the use of a search engine. As we are seeing people talking about the defamation of Search Engines after the ChatGPT. But, the integration of AI in the Search Engine, is going to give a boost to the use of Search Engines instead of ChatGPT.

We can say, it is a unique approach, the one who loves to use Google Search Engine for their queries, will get more beneficial results. However, it is currently in the testing mode and not publicly available. But, if you wanna test it out, you may get into the waitlist by signing up and using this feature.

Google Maps with AI Integration:

Google Maps with AI Integration

Google Maps is my favorite application it is quite useful when you are going to a new place and not familiar with the surroundings. This can also save you some money if you are visiting a new place and wanted to hire a cab or use a taxi. With Google Maps, you can know about the distance, area, and timing to reach your location.

With this in mind, a super useful and impressive new update is coming to Google Maps soon. This new update will add a bunch of new features to this app.

Usually, when we plot a route in this app, we get a guide to reach our location in a straight line. It also gives you the details about the traffic on the road. But with this new update, you will get a 3D flyover of your route, unlike the previous plan road vision, you will get a birds-eye view.

Additionally, the weather and air quality information will also be available in the app.

Google Find My Device:

Google Find My Device

Apple iPhone has a brilliant feature named “Find My”, that helps to locate your iPhone. Similarly, Android devices also have a “Find My Device” feature, that can track the location of your Android device. Android devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Earbuds, and much more. If you unfortunately lose any of these Android devices, you can always locate it with the help of the Find My Device app.

Although, Google is looking to improve and include more features in this application. In the future, you may be able to use an anti-stalking feature, that provides more security to your phone, tablet, and other Google products. To make it possible, they are working with third-party location tracking apps like Chiplo and, Tile. But, we currently don’t have any idea when they are going to release these new features and updates.

Android 14 Beta Update:

Android 14 Beta Update

The latest version of Android 14 beta came out in April 2023. We have higher expectations to have our hands on the finished version of Android 14 in the last quarter of this year. To be honest, we don’t see anything new announced about the Android 14 in Google I/O announcements.

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Google I/O 2023: Bard AI, Android 14, Google Apps and AI Announcements
Google I/O 2023: Bard AI, Android 14, Google Apps, Google Find my device and much more. There are a lot of AI announcements in Google I/O.

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